Latest update: Retroactive Extender Provisions

IRS Statement on Retroactive Extender Provisions

Feb. 9, 2018
The IRS is reviewing the legislation signed Feb. 9 that retroactively extended and modified numerous tax provisions covering 2017. We are assessing these significant changes in the tax law and beginning to determine next steps. The IRS will provide additional information as quickly as possible for affected taxpayers and the tax community.

The following provisions are affected; tax returns including these entries are will be delayed until further instruction from the IRS:

  • Above-the-Line Deduction for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses
  • Mortgage Insurance Premiums Treated as Qualified Residence Interest
  • Exclusion of Discharge of Principal Residence Indebtedness from Gross Income for Individuals
  • Medical Expense Deduction Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Floor of 7.5% for Individuals Age 65 and Over
George Hill